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Driven and Dedicated...bordering on Obsessive.
Kelly Livsey

Kelly Livsey

Director of Logistics and Operations


Kelly has been a member of the VITAL BGS team since 2004. He acts as a liaison between customers and VITAL BGS’s operations, production and management teams, making sure that customer service is an integral part of the organization’s customer value proposition. He has helped to implement feedback loops that allow us to improve the customer service experience, and ensure that our service delivery exceeds customer expectations. Kelly is committed to providing the highest possible standards of customer care and support. He is truly people-oriented; and thoroughly enjoys working directly with customers and the general public. Kelly strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships with our Clients’ customers.

He has managed multiple apparel stores in the retail and online space, working for brands like Big Dog and The Buckle to improve their service and sales. Kelly’s team is responsible for taking a new look at customer service every day and tackling it with a fresh outlook for excellent and ever-improving results.