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Hosted CRM

The VITAL Hosted CRM solution (logistic (e)CRM, a proprietyary solution)  will eliminate your need to source a state-of-the-art CRM. Not only is our Customer Relationship Management system affordable, but it's push-button ready to manage your valuable customer database. You'll find that your orders are passed seamlessly from your website to the CRM, and tracking media from a call center is a dream.

It's crucial to clients with continuity programs to have a reliable platform to keep orders flowing smoothly so that their customers receive their orders and keep customer service costs down - and cancellation rates low.

If necessary, our system can create screen pops for our customer service representatives - prepopulated with the customer's data. This creates a sense of ease for your customer and keeps call time low. It also boosts consumer confidence in your brand - and ensures that your customers are more likely to re-order in the future. Our system will allow scripts for customer service and sales agents to keep your customers apprised of current promotions and sales.

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