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Corporate Business

Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve gone as far as getting to this page, we are sure you know that Search Engine Optimization is something your business is in dire need of.

You've heard through the media, through friends, and other people with successful businesses - SEO is certainly… read more »

Website Design & Development

What does your business truly need in an online presence?

Whether you're a property development company, a media advertising company, or any kind of business necessitating a presence online - we create a fully custom offering tailored to your needs. We're interested in getting to know you and… read more »

eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce is not nearly the same as web design. You might know of some great graphic designers, web designers, even web developers, but if your company is planning to venture into the eCommerce space, you're going to need to work with a company with a solid history in eCommerce. Finding… read more »

IVR and Telephony

Our state-of-the-art telephony routing, IVR, and automated call distribution system is truly unique. With its virtual orientation, it's abilities are nearly limitless.

Through our partnership with inContact, we can provide nearly infinite interaction handling ability. The skills-based ACD software can help you power through the callers in… read more »

eMail Marketing

No matter what your company does at this point, email marketing is still a large component and impetus for sales in the eCommerce market – and even driving traffic to your site, to your store, and even your brick and mortar business. It’s affordable, it’s trackable, and has a… read more »

Social Media Marketing

While social media is relatively new, our team has gained significant prowess in working with it. Many of our clients actually don’t really understand social media marketing. Social media is a great way to build your business and grow your connections, but it’s also something that – if not… read more »

Customer Service & Sales

VITAL BGS represents the evolution of Target Interact. Target’s heritage in the call center business dates back to 1969. You’ll find that we’ve grown ahead of trends in call center, not just with them.

We are a MultiMedia Contact Center organization offering the entire spectrum of customer contact… read more »

Logo & Identity

vitalbgs logosLet our team bring your identity to life.

The challenge for us is to help you move beyond your current understanding of your brand and allow us to bring our thoughts and experience to the… read more »

Packaging & Sourcing

It's important that your brand's message is carried through from the creative cycle of logo and identity design to packaging. Packaging is in essence, the final step before your product is experienced by the consumer.

This means it must be effective, attractive, and ward off any thoughts of… read more »

Advertising Materials

Are you needing advertising materials to unify your brand presence from the online space into tangible reality?

We'd love to help. Let us dig deep into your brand's identity to discover its essence. Once our team is able to identify key elements of your business, we can create… read more »