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IVR and Telephony

Our state-of-the-art telephony routing, IVR, and automated call distribution system is truly unique. With its virtual orientation, it's abilities are nearly limitless.

Through our partnership with inContact, we can provide nearly infinite interaction handling ability. The skills-based ACD software can help you power through the callers in queue and quickly distribute them to the agents with the skills to help them. Compatible with a number of communications vehicles such as IVR, chat or email, our ACD’s multi-channel routing gives your customers a choice in how they interact with you. And no matter what channel your customers choose to use, our ACD connects everyone in a single intelligent and unified queue.  

VITAL's hosted ACD software also features inbound/outbound call blending. That means when call volumes creep up and service level goals start to slip, your hotter calls can be automatically routed to outbound agents.  This ensures your customers are always handled quickly and to their satisfaction. If wait times are still too long, our ACD has a call back feature that lets your customers wait for an agent without having to wait on the phone.

And while our ACD is all about helping you create a differentiated customer experience, it’s also about making your life easier. With our cloud-based call center provider, we can help businesses with multiple call center locations unify call distribution across the globe. That means no matter where you choose to do business, we can help.

Find the perfect balance of profitability and exceptional customer service with inContact’s hosted IVR software.  It allows customers to self-solve on basic functions like bill pay, account inquiries and more. When your call center is closed, the IVR adds an extra level of convenience by enabling your customers to take care of business after hours.

Not only does it help your customers, but it’s good for you too. For one, it seamlessly integrates with other technologies and can be deployed fast with any additional equipment purchases. That means you can be up and running quickly and without a lot of hassle or expense. Further increasing its value is the IVR’s outbound calling capabilities. With inContact IVR software, there is no reason for agents to make general outbound calls either.  The IVR can automatically communicate with your customers and provide them with messages about their accounts, communications or even communicate sales promotions or new company initiatives.

Overall, our hosted IVR software makes it possible for your agents to focus on your call center's most profitable activities. Not to mention, IVR self-service and outbound campaigns cost per call is significantly less than a live agent’s cost per call— making it a money saving/money making solution all the way around.

This is a crucial element of the VITAL offering - our IVR and Telephony services help companies provide the most professional solutions available within the current technological spectrum.

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