Frost & Sullivan

Who does the outsourcing expert outsource to? VITALBGS.


It's hard to know where to go, even when you're in the mix. Frost & Sullivan came to us with a high profile project that needed the best service - in a very small window of time. Our team took their needs and overdelivered.


With a large list of contacts and a small margin for error, Frost needed expert service without the traditional training and setup period most companies require.


The VITAL team crafted an in-depth IVR solution melding live representatives, which allows Frost clientele the same experience as if the representative knew the person personally. This kept call quality incredibly professional, while enhancing productivity - and keeping costs down.

Our campaign was expertly executed with daily reports, agent-selected call dispositions with free form entries - which allowed the client to gage the interest of the contact. The agent was also empowered to reschedule calls to best suit the contact's schedule.

All in all, the client received much more than they had expected