Intel Partnership

The Internet problem... solved through a strategic partnership with Intel.


While the internet was young at one point, there have been advance after advance. Our predecessor, Target Interact has been at the forefront of technology, working with companies such as Intel - establishing best practices and bringing its unique skill set to work with a software industry leader.


The Internet problem. It used to be that a potential customer would dial-up your web site to browse the features of your product line, perhaps even searching for one item in particular. All the while, your web site marketing dollars were fast at work peaking your customer’s interest in everything except for their one highly specialized question which required personal contact from your company. Your customer was required to find and record your customer service phone number from your web site, disconnect their Internet connection, and call back to your headquarters for the information they so urgently required. Most likely, you just lost your potential customer. 


The Intel solution. In 1996, Intel developed the Internet Phone: a software program that enabled the use of a telephone over the Internet without compromising an existing Internet connection. In other words, phone and data transmissions could occur seamlessly. Intel wanted to demonstrate the sound of this voice call over the Internet to potential customers. But who would answer the call? Intel didn’t have a dedicated staff to put to the task.

The Target Interact solution. Inspired by the technology Intel had developed, Target developed a call center that was able to handle Internet telephony calls and desktop videoconferencing. Originally, six agents were equipped to handle the influx of this new breed of calls. Now Target has over 60 agents ready to provide Voice-Over-Internet (VoIP) customer service for anyone using Intel’s Internet Video Phone, Intel’s Internet Phone, Microsoft’s NetMeeting or other H.323-compliant Internet telephony software. We give a whole new meaning to service with a smile.