3 Tips to Help Optimize Your Website

Are you looking to increase your eCommerce sales? Well, you’re not alone — even big retailers like Walmart are starting to make their move towards eCommerce — which means the market isn’t only getting more saturated… so what can you do to gain the competitive edge? In a word, it all starts with your website.

Website speed has consistently been one of the biggest factors in bounce rates on your website, but that’s not the only factor on your site that can affect your sales. Below, we’ll go over some great tips for designing your website to increase consumer experience, which naturally should increase sales.

Simplify your checkout process

It’s not a secret; more clicks equals higher bounce rate — yet despite this website knowledge that seems as old as the internet itself, companies still complicate their process to checkout. People don’t want to be forced to sign up, nor do they want to click through 10 pages to get to checkout.

A good way to gage your checkout process is cart abandonment rate. The average abandonment rate is 69.23% — so if yours is higher than this, or even just higher than you’d like your checkout process is a good place to start.

Provide high definition AND appealing product images

Clear, HD images are important, but did you know that providing images that are more than just product shots can help too? Consumers want to see your product in action — examples help build consumer confidence in your product.

We understand budgets can be tight, but investing even a little bit in your product photography could help make all the difference in your sales.

Improve your website speed

As mentioned earlier, website speed continues to be the biggest factor in bounce rate — which would also mean it’s the biggest factor in determining the shopability of your site. After all, if people aren’t staying on your site, how can they spend money?

Website service providers continually update their services, and speeds increase every day. If your site is 6 months old then it’s speed is likely already outdated. Keeping your site ahead of the curve is one of the best things you can do for your sales.

These are just a few of the ways that you can improve your customers experience on your site, but there are hundreds more tweaks that can be done. If you feel like your website could use more of a revamp, it could be time to let the experts take a look — and if that’s the case, we happen to know a great team you could contact today!





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