5 Apps useful for top management professionals

The top management professionals in large companies are always busy. They spend most of their time traveling, meeting with business stakeholders, quickly analyzing information, and making important business decisions.  At times, they find their lives very difficult.

If you are a top management professional, one of the best ways to make your life easier is by using a few useful apps. The good news is that there are apps for almost everything now – taking notes to traveling and sifting through important information and managing your time to securing your mobile device. There is no doubt that apps make us more productive and efficient.

Here are 5 apps top management professionals may find very useful:

1. ColorNote

ColorNote relieves you of performing multiple tasks separately, including note taking, managing calendars, maintaining meeting schedules, setting reminders, and creating lists. It does this by offering you all these powerful features in one place. ColorNote lets you create sticky notes and allot them distinctive colors to spot at a glimpse. The good news is that you can also link websites, email addresses, and phone numbers with the lists created in ColorNote. Clicking on a list will open the correct app to execute the task.

2. Inside

Top management professionals have no time to read long texts or articles only to find it completely useless in the end. Inside makes this task easier for you by aggregating the top articles and news reports for you. It does it with a difference; instead of displaying the full text and showing the news stories by interests, Inside displays a terse extract of each story in 200 words. Loaded with cool and powerful features, this app is giving a tough competition to Flipboard.

3. 360 Security

When it comes to online security, top management professionals have a lot to chew on. This is particularly true when most of your business relies on your mobile device. Though your smartphone may have inbuilt security solutions, it wouldn’t do any harm to have a backup security in place. This is where 360 Security comes in to help. This antivirus app not only secures your mobile device but also enhances its speed, memory space, and battery life. It also comes packed with an anti-theft solution, which lets you trace your mobile remotely and erase your data.


The top management professionals in big companies spend most of their times traveling for business purposes. If you are reading this, chances are you are also a frequent traveler, which means you may even find yourself among people who don’t speak English. Instead of learning a new language, you should simply install DuoLingo on your smartphone or tablet. This app may not make you a fluent foreign language speaker; however, you will learn from it the basics to easily converse with people who speak different languages.


CamScanner lets you create a PDF on your mobile device. Simply capture the image of your document with your mobile phone’s camera, and send it to your team members or clients in PDF. Even better, the app lets you add your annotation to the document, in addition to letting you highlight specific areas within the file and creating a watermark to protect the document.

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