5 Luxury Apps for Your Smartphone

We are living in a digital world, so dependent on technology for the comfort of our daily activities. The smartphones with their apps are running our lives or making it run easier; it would be difficult to say which of the two. For today, we have a list of five luxury apps to welcome to your smartphone, if you haven’t done this already.

Private Island News


Let’s start with a holiday on an exclusive private island. Or with an investment on a private island. Whatever you might be looking for in relation to private islands, this app can provide it for you. It offers all the information about luxury destinations from the weather forecast to the accommodations available there. It’s an easy way to keep an eye on what happens in those special places in the world.

Luxury Attaché City Guide


The perfect guide for luxury products and services enthusiasts. Here you will find the best shops, restaurants, clubs, relaxation areas and the most luxurious hotel from all over the world in one place, or in one app. The perfect holiday experience in an exquisite location is just one click away with the Luxury Attache City Guide. Enjoy the luxury you are used to at home while traveling to new destinations!

Vip Black App


This app comes with a price tag of $999.99 attached to it. One might wonder what it can do for you to make it worth your money. We will give you just a few hints and let you discover more by yourself: it allows you to hire a personal chef and gives you access to the World’s Finest Clubs. Does it sound interesting? Well, you should also know that even if you are willing to pay the price, there are more hoops and loops to go through before you can relax and enjoy your membership and unlimited access to the commodities of a life of luxury all over the world. You will need to prove you have over $1.5 million in your bank account, and the membership can be yours.

Blackjet App


With the Black jet app, you can forget all about the long airport queues, the time wasted in airports for check-in and before your flight departure and all the things related to this. The app allows you to book seats on private jets that will take you anywhere you want to go. For about $3.500 per segment you can enjoy your breakfast in Boston, have a quick lunch in New York or lavish on a delicious dinner in Las Vegas.

Wine Spectator


A wine connoisseur? If you are, you will love the Wine Spectator app. If you are not, you still need the app to get all the information you need to order the perfect wine every time, with every meal. The app gives you access to expert opinions and first class ratings and reviews from wine specialists from all over the world. Using the app you will know the taste and price of wines from 12 different countries. It is easy to use the app, and there is always fresh content, so you never run out of news about wine.

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