Fascinating Watches from Baselworld 2016

Baselworld is universally known as being the most important event of the year when it comes to watches and jewelry. What makes this event truly special is that over 1,500 of the most worldwide renowned brands choose Baselworld to present their recent innovations and creations to the public attracting hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the world. Only at Baselworld, will you find the key players representing each of the industry’s sectors, from watches to jewelry with diamonds, pearls or precious stones.

For the 2016 edition, Baselworld was the scene where some remarkable items were presented. There are at least three complex watches that are worthy of being the stars of this year’s show.

Astronomia Sky – Jacob&Co

Jacob&Co presents an impressive watch that would be a nice addition to any watch collection. Up until now, the watchmakers have been playing with sidereal calendars destined to measure the Earth’s rotation about its own axis or the Sun, but this time, the watch features three axes marking the day/ night rotation, the annual rotation as well as Moon’s movement against the Earth’s. Coordinating the movement of the three axes, the tourbillon of the Astronomia Sky will rotate every five minutes allowing the viewer to admire a celestial ballet performed with the maximum accuracy. 18 karat gold mark the passing of the months and entering a different astrology sign, so Astronomia Sky from Jacob&Co is not only stunningly beautiful but also precious.

S210- MCT

The watchmakers from Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps have re-edited the S210 into a limited edition with a more attractive design. It comes in two versions and for each only 25 pieces are available. The new S210 is remarkable due to its mechanism featuring multiple complications that include no less than 654 components gathered in well-coordinated movement, but also due to the elegance of its design that uses anthracite- gray shades and champagne ones to make the distinction in between the versions of the watch model.

Monsieur – Chanel

Chanel is finally taking its first steps into the world of masculine watches, and Monsieur looks like it is going to be quite a surprise for the future owners. The accessory embraces a classic style with two types of case: made out of cream gold and white. For this year, only about three hundred items will be available for sale from both models of the watch. Despite its aspect that might lack in sophistication, Monsieur hides at its heart a Caliber 1 mechanism. No less than five years have put the Chanel watchmakers into the work of designing a complex mechanism that also comes in a simple and elegant form. More than this, a complete rotation of the mechanism ensures an energy reserve of 72 hours.

Baselworld is the place where dreams can come true. It is the only annual event that is truly unique in offering an exceptional opportunity to assist a parade of the most prestigious luxury and lifestyle brands.

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