How should an effective content breakdown look?

Content is key to creating a successful online presence, however the key to great content is not only to identify the desired elements, but also to provide the right amounts of those elements. We believe the following is the best way to create and engaging and informative mix of content for your social brands: 30% original content, 60% curated content, and 10% self-promotional content. Let’s see what we mean by each of those.

30% original Content

‘Owned content’ is the irreplaceable component of your social media strategy. If you were to look at your social media as a house you were building, this would be the foundation. It’s not the most prevalent, but it is undoubtedly the most important.

From eBooks to white papers, blogs, and webinars, original content refers to online pieces that are original and unique to your company.

From a data-driven perspective, original content is the driving force behind your website traffic and lead generation efforts. By posting original content about to your brand you create expertise, which allows you to assume the role of an industry leader. Keep in mind, posts that link to your website have a 54% higher click-to-conversion rate.

60% Curated Content

Curated content assumes the role of the most visible parts of your social media house — the frame works, paint, siding and more.

Staying true to your industry involves listening and verbalizing industry topics and trends. And that’s exactly what content curation does. It’s a chance for the social media manager to post materials that are not published by your brand, rather by a relevant and authoritative source in your industry. This may be an individual, organization, or publication that your audience finds valuable. Posting enough third-party content helps to solidify your company’s place as an industry expert — after all, being able to show people where to find relevant information is a valuable skill. Curating content also gives you the opportunity to foster relationships with other industry influencers that you could potentially partner with for various content initiatives.

Most importantly, don’t take it personally that your company can’t stand on its expertise alone to cement its place as an industry expert; social media is about collaboration after all!

10% Promotional Content

Promotional content is the décor you add in your house. You don’t want it to over do it, but you still need some.

Promotional content includes: announcing updates through press releases, social media mentions, company awards, CEO interviews, and even customer reviews. Any content that highlights your company’s success.

Keep in mind though, promotional content should still provide value to your audience. Although it boasts a personal achievement, your social posts should offer some room for individuals to experience the benefits and share the excitement with you.

Follow this plan, and you’re sure to arrive at a social media strategy that represents your brand in a meaningfully way.



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