How to attract and retain Millennials employees

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., and more of them are entering the workforce every day — there’s no avoiding them. This generation is hungry, impatient, and they’ll turn your company upside down with their sense of rebellion …or at least, that’ the hype. They behave differently from generation X (their parents) when it comes to the decision of accepting a job offer and staying with the company for more than one year. The experts in human resources say that the main issue is that the employers don’t know how to efficiently communicate with them, hence the challenge.

Very mobile and always looking for a better job, the Millennials can be retained in a company if certain aspects are considered:

–    Offer more professional experiences and less repetitive tasks

For the Millennials, the routine is the biggest enemy. They put the value on experiences, things they learn from, people they meet and new situations they can encounter. It is not easy for a company to always offer something new to do or countless personal development courses for an employee, this is why you should consider conferences in the field, meetings with company’s representatives from other countries and team building exercises.  Even something as small as one business trip per year can weigh a lot in their decision to stay in the company, even if they are presented with a better financial offer from another company.

–    Offer flexibility

Flexible work hours and a flexible work environment are just a few of the things the millennials want when it comes to their workplace. Going to work at 9 am and leaving the office at 6 pm is considered obsolete by this generation.

The opportunity to work from home is also important for them, and a work environment that won’t fence in their personality is a must. If you are looking for a fail-safe method NOT to retain the Millennials is easy: give them a team leader that will demand a strict dress code, make them aware each and every time they are a few minutes late to work and count their breaks during work hours. But if you want to attract and retain the Millennials, keep in mind that flexibility is the key word.

–    Choose their managers wisely

Human resource experts say, employees don’t leave the company; they leave their managers. It is very important for the managers and team leaders not only to be the best in their field, but also to have some leadership abilities. Millennials will follow someone who they look up to as a mentor, not a boss. They want to learn from the team leader, and they want to admire and respect them. Communication abilities should come before some capabilities that are related to their field when it comes to choosing a manager for Millennials. A real leader will support and help their team, so it is worth to put in the extra effort to find them.

These are just a few of the important aspects that should be considered when trying to attract and retain the Millennials. However, there are other things to take into account. A good salary and promotion opportunities are also important, but not only for the representatives of this generation.

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