Innovative Gadgets from CES 2016

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, and it is one of the most impressive technology fairs in the world. The event is held every month in January in Las Vegas, and it is the place where you will find only high-end technology and gadgets created not only by famous companies but also new inventors. This year they have presented gadgets and technologies meant to make our life easier or less stressful as well as innovations that no one believed even possible until now.

We have researched and analyzed CES 2016 finest offers in order to present you with a list of the most innovative gadgets to enjoy this year.

SCiO food scanner

Because lately we are all preoccupied with how and what we eat, the food scanner is a fascinating gadget that will be able to provide you with all the nutritional information for the product you are planning to eat. With a Bluetooth system that connects to your smartphone, this device will scan the chemical component of any organic product. No more surprises in the kitchen or in the restaurant with the little SCiO scanner that will reach the global market later this year.

The smart fridge Samsung Family Hub

While the fridge probably wasn’t on the must-have gadgets list for 2016, this one is really a smart one to have around. It combines a massive, full HD screen with the Amazon Alexa application and a cam inside the fridge. The screen is meant to replace the magnetic notes on your fridge’s door while using the camera the interior of your fridge can be monitored and reached from your smartphone.

BMW AirTouch 3D

When the famous car maker BMW presented the gesture control concept in last year’s edition of CES, there weren’t many to believe that this concept will be ever implemented or anytime soon at least. Despite that, in just one year the company managed to produce it and place it on bord the 7 series. What can it do? It allows you to control the main board of the car without touching it.

Ehang drone to carry a passenger

The Chinese drone producer Ehang launched at CES 2016 the over 220 kg drone that theoretically can function as an autonomous transportation vehicle for people. According to the company representatives, the drone can fly carrying one passenger with approximately 100 km per hour for a 23 minutes trip. The drone is completely electrical and has a redundant equipment made to guarantee the safety of the passenger in the case of bad weather conditions.

HTC Vive Pre

The latest virtual reality helmet from HTC adds an interesting functionality, aside from the impressive design. The user will be able to see the real world while enjoying the virtual world, thanks to a camera that is used to record what happens in front of the user.

There were plenty more fascinating gadgets and technologies presented at CES 2016; our goal was to give you just a taste of what new inventions you can put on your Bucket list for this year.

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