Maintaining Brand Voice Over Social Media

In today’s world of hyper-connectivity it is essential to have an active social media presence for your business. There is a difference, however, in simply having a social media presence and having an effective one. One of the key things that makes a social media campaign more effective than others is an adherence to a specific brand voice. This brand voice is what sets your company apart and paints the image of your company that you wish to portray on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Each person has a certain voice that they speak with, now not just the sound of your voice, but the tone, inflection, words chosen and manner of speaking. It is this voice that differentiates people and makes them unique. Just like each person has their own voice, be it comical, authoritative, light, or professional; each company has a unique voice as well.

From the onset of your company’s social media marketing campaigns you need to determine who you are targeting. Find the quintessential example of who you want to buy your product or service and tailor your marketing to that person or organization. This will help to shape the voice that your social media will use in targeting prospective buyers.

As you are creating content on your social media sites, it is important to remember the voice that you have selected to be used for your brand. Maintaining the voice of your brand over the life of a campaign helps to show consistency in your company and therefore will help to harvest greater constancy in your clients. From staying true to your brands voice on social media you will become a recognized entity in people’s daily social media experience.

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