Most Coveted Cars of 2016

Talk of fast, sleek, power, angry sounding engines, up-rated steering or heroic braking systems and you will find all these features in some of the most coveted cars in 2016. These cars come with components that will leave you long to have them on the road to feel their speed and wrist-flick power to negotiate through corners with tenacity. Manufacturers around the world have finally managed to bring to the market more petite cars that suit your classy status.

Lincoln MKX

It’s not the ordinary car that you would think of. It is a uniquely transformed Ford Taurus model which gives you that luxury feeling and status due to the every piece of classy look it comes with. Its flexibility and stability makes it balance pretty well on the road for your comfort. If you prioritize space when buying a car then you have the right car in Lincoln MKX. It allows you to create your own usable space depending on how demanding you are. Its performance is generally good considering the fact that it offers enough power to keep going and become more reliable.

Nissan Sentra

This is the most perfect and acceptable car that any savvy buyer would want to own. Nissan decided to improve some of its features so that it could match other car models but it turned out to be one of the most coveted cars in 2016. While it suggests that there might be no more small Nissan cars in the near future, this car got a unique modification to enable anyone advance from point to point due to its reliability. Some of its key features include:

•    Heroic brakes

•    Push to start button

•    Ability to monitor blind spots easily.

•    Heated seats

For a nice acceleration rate and electrifying performance, Nissan Sentra got you covered.

Infiniti Q50

One of the most advanced Sedan cars available in the market, Infiniti Q50, has a sporty design which contributes greatly to its slinky looks. This Sedan feels great, big and its character leaves you impressed and delighted. Its V6 type of engine is very powerful to leave you to feel different, charismatic and enjoy its loudness the moment that accelerator is squeezed. Its current list in the market stands at around $45,000 to get this car.

Chevrolet Volt Premier

This model is one of the most coveted electric cars in 2016. Its mileage on batteries alone leaves anyone to believe the mighty works of drive-train-tech. This car covers you at any mileage due to its reliable back-up system which can get you going many miles ahead of the rest. It allows its gasoline system to start working the moment you decide to cover excess mileage more than the normal 50+ its batteries can cover. When you get inside, all you can see is quality and comfort coupled with the quietness. Its pedals alone give acceleration power to the car to allow it move in a gentle way. It comes with special features such as collision alert (forward), emergency breaking and monitoring of blind spots as you go.

Subaru BRZ

Do you want to have fun and enjoy driving a car? Well, the BRZ got you covered. This is a car that lets you enjoy the road, and its engine works perfectly well to bring in the fun moments. It’s a sports car that will leave Miata owners on the highway get annoyed due to its ability to meander along in a curvy way.

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