Order Fulfillment

ECommerce is a complex and multifaceted industry with many different components that play into success in eCommerce; including marketing strategies, site interface and functionality, accounts payable and receivable, creative and design, call center and customer service, tech, support, and development. But when you boil it down to the very basics eCommerce is just receiving and fulfilling orders.

The manner in which you receive and fill those orders is what distinguishes one eCommerce company from another, but without this essential part you don’t have a business. There are many different costs of fulfilling orders but real keys to success is promptness and efficiency, as well as keeping the customer in mind.

Being prompt in fulfilling orders gets packages out of your hands and into the customer’s faster, thus keeping them satisfied. Efficiency means both accuracy in fulfilling those orders and when you get returns turning them into exchanges.

Keeping the customer in mind is more than just thinking about the person that has paid for the product you are sending, it is valuing their experience and working to ensure they are satisfied with the way your company policies and procedures are carried out. By doing this you are working to win over your customers and guarantee they return to your site and purchase again.

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