Personalization: the most important e-commerce trend for 2017

Personalization: the most important e-commerce trend for 2017

Personalization is one of the top trends when it comes to e-commerce in 2017. The main challenge for an online retailer is to make the customers feel special. Nowadays consumers want to feel unique and able to count on the products, content, communication means and personalized services. More and more consumers are starting to expect personalized ads and offers. In other words, customers don’t want to be one of the thousands of consumers; they want to feel like the only recipient of the product or service.

Research shows that this is not an occasional observation but a phenomenon confirmed by data. Studies show that 70% of the Americans want personalized online experiences.

To be able to keep up with the customers’ expectations, it is essential for the business to address the client. This can mean a change in the way we see customer service, implementing new technologies for online payment and delivery services, as well as a new approach in online analysis.

Having an online shop that is centered on the user brings a significant competitive advantage. One-on-one personalization will be the key to success in e-commerce in 2017. Knowing what the clients want beforehand and giving it to them this will lead to more happy and loyal customers. However, the key to being able to personalize efficiently is the ability to collect and use data regarding the clients.

The quantity of data available allows that the products, ads, and content to address the right people at the right time, both on the web and the social networks. Personalization will become more and more sophisticated and refined, and the brands need to learn more about this if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are four tips to personalize your online shop:

1.    Advertise wisely

Internet users are flooded with commercials. Most of them won’t get any reaction. Make sure that your ads are personalized, and they reach those clients who would actually be really interested in them, even if this means that you need to reduce the target group significantly.

2. Make your client feel special.

Everybody likes special treatment. Make sure your client feels this way when it reaches your site or social media channel. All you need for this is a little courtesy and a high level of customer service.

3.    Analyze the data you have

If you don’t know where to put the money in the marketing plan, use Analytics programs to help you. Personalization requires a good knowledge of the users – their environment, preferences, behavior. More than this, the ability to collect and process the data of the users is essential for any online business.

4. Keep up with the trends and events

The internet users get their needs satisfied faster and faster. And you should help them do this. Offer them more than the products you are selling, offer them information and entertainment complimentary.

Personalization doesn’t necessarily require considerable financial resources. However, wise investments need to be done to be able to benefit from this e-commerce trend for 2017.

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