Sandy City

Government agency needed in depth polling application, paired with innovation and analytics



When you need stellar results, it’s sometimes best to reach out for additional assistance. Sandy City knew they didn’t have the IT resources or staff experienced to complete the task at hand.


This government agency was not equipped with cutting-edge call center staff, equipment, and polling technology. They needed to employ a solution for a fraction of what it would cost to develop on a proprietary basis. As they were also looking for confidential results, Sandy City felt that it was imperative to bring in a trusted third party who could deliver only the data they needed.


VITAL BGS’ team took a three pronged approach to creating this solution with our various teams’ skill set.

  • IVR & Telephony Functionality (live agent dialer)
  • Survey Interface with Reporting Ability
  • Training, Management, and Execution

Sandy City found great value and excellent reporting – which was done in the amount of time needed, under budget, with better data quality than they’d experienced ever before.