Tapping into the Millenial Mind. Using Snapchat for Business

Initially notorious as the social network for unwitting teens, Snapchat has now developed into an effective platform for a wide range of users, including brands and businesses. The social network lets users produce and post rapid, blithe videos and images without using any sophisticated production tools and aides.

Snapchat hit 150 million daily active users in September this year, and achieved more than 10 billion video views per day in April this year (Source). For businesses, this means a huge opportunity to connect with their target audiences in innovative, thrilling ways.

Many business owners and managers don’t know yet how to use Snapchat for business. This post will help you get started with Snapchat for business.

Creating a Snapchat account

The first step is to create a personal Snapchat account and start connecting with your target audience by following accounts your audience might be following. You can kick off by adding your family and friends. Your first goal should be to understand the network and become comfortable with using it.

Remember, Snapchat is not like other social media platforms where the timing of sharing content with your followers is important. Instead, you can post your snaps anytime and they will remain in the timeline of your followers until they view them. When the users finally view the snaps, they will vanish within 1-10 seconds. The speedy disappearance of the snaps is what actually makes the network a blessing for businesses, because it helps garner undivided attention from your followers.

Developing content

Content is the king all over the Internet, including Snapchat. You need to come up with creative, valuable videos and images pertaining to your niche to get the attention of your audience. However, your videos and images don’t need to be produced professionally.

For example, you can quickly make a short video with your mobile phone of how you manufacture your products and then send out the snap to your followers. This can excite them. Another idea is to show a demo of your product.

There are also many brands that ask their Snapchat followers to take pictures or videos of them using their brands. The businesses then send out snaps showing their brand users. This helps establish a loyal Snapchat followers base.

Adding a call to action

Businesses should use call to actions in their content. You can use some methods for this. For example, you can ask your followers to capture screenshots of your snap. You can do this by announcing that you will soon offer a discount code and then ask your followers to grab screenshots of it. You can then uncover the discount code and see how many people actually viewed the snap.

Another idea is to tell your followers to visit your website. For instance, you can begin a story in the snap, and tell your followers that the story is available in full on your site. You may create a dedicated page for this on your site and measure the effectiveness of this tactic via Google Analytics.

Building an audience base

Developing a loyal followership is one of the most challenging aspects of using Snapchat for business, because the social network lacks some effective features available on other platforms, such as hashtags and search feature. The only way you can build you audience base is by simply bringing to the attention of your target market that you are available on Snapchat, and that you are offering exciting experiences to your followers on the platform.

Using influencers to promote your business/brands

This is a very effective strategy, because it goes outside the traditional followers’ count. However, you should only partner with Snapchat influencers who can actually represent your brand persona and business values. If someone has one million Snapchat followers, it doesn’t necessarily mean his or her followers would engage with your brand. You should do your homework before selecting an influencer to promote your brand on Snapchat.

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