The Value of Email Marketing

Email has become so much a part of our everyday life that we often don’t think about how much we depend on it as a form of convenient communication. A majority of people have access to email at home on their desktop/laptop and tablet, at work, and are always plugged via their smartphone. Because so many people are constantly connected to email it becomes a very powerful tool in directly communicating with them.

Being able to slip direct messages directly into someone’s pocket or onto their desk is a marketing teams dream and with email that is exactly what happens. Although it is extremely important and not to be overlooked, social media marketing can often go unnoticed as people scroll past your ad in their news feed or don’t log on to their social accounts for a day or two. However, when an email appears in someone’s inbox ensures to grab the attention of the recipient, requires acknowledgement, and some form of interaction with your message.

Once someone opens the email it has to be engaging, otherwise the reader will glance through it and hit delete. Some ways to avoid this are using creative and attractive page titles, great content, and beautifully laid out templates. A good use of email marketing will keep your brand fresh in the mind of your customers and clients.

Our team here at VITAL BGS will work to ensure that you have an active and profitable email marketing campaign.

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