What You’re Doing Wrong in Your Email Campaigns and How to Fix It

Most of us have multiple email addresses to go with our many personalities from coupons to newsletters. If you think the hard part is building your list then you have no idea. The real hard part about email marketing is converting subscribers into customers, and getting them to even open your emails.

We’re used to signing up for newsletters or for a freebie, and then quickly forgetting all about it until a new email appears daily in your inbox. You want your email campaigns to speak to your subscriber, and remind them why they signed up.

More than that, you want to avoid being sent straight to spam, and having people immediately hit unsubscribe. There are many things that you probably didn’t know you were doing wrong with your email marketing. We’re here to help.

You’re not giving subscribers any value. Why should your subscribers buy anything you have to offer if you aren’t willing to prove your worth? This makes them suspicious, and makes you seem untrustworthy. You need to grab their attention and suck them in by providing them with useful content. Your expertise will shine through your free content which will lead them to trust and want to invest their money in you. If you can’t be valued and trusted by them, then you’ve really lost your subscriber for good.

You are inconsistent. If you sent daily emails, and then stopped, and then sent a couple of more once or twice a month then you show that you are not only all over the place, but you aren’t committed to your subscribers. Consistency in your email campaigns will help you retain your current subscribers and leave them wanting more. Commit to a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter routines.

There was no welcome email. This may not seem like a major misstep, but it can cost you. Most people expect a welcome email to help them learn more about your brand and what they can expect from you. Most email marketing platforms allow you to automate welcome emails to first-time subscribers. A simple hello, and some information on what you do and what you will be sending them and when is all you need to get started.

Check your subject lines at the door. The subject line is the first thing we see, and if it’s not interesting enough, then we don’t bother even opening it. We receive hundred of emails a day, make yours stand out in our inboxes. A killer subject line is important to run a successful email campaign. Make it short, sweet, and to the point. It shouldn’t be a mystery.

There is no call to action. Your call to action is how you tell readers what you want them to do with your email. Do you want them to sign up for a new course, or check out your new rebranded page? The call to action is usually communicated through a button that subscribers can easily click on and head to the destination. Use action verbs so they know exactly what to do.

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