Why You’re Not Getting the Right Amount of Engagement

If you are putting some PR and marketing effort out into the real world, then a major part of your measurements of effectiveness is sure to be engagement. Engagement can be detrimental to your initiatives, of course depending on your overall goal.

You may have set up the perfect campaign, but if you aren’t seeing a return on it then you’ve just wasted precious time and money. These days, thanks to the importance of social media, engagement seems to go hand in hand with success. You could find yourself in the middle of a crisis because of lack of engagement. Here’s why you may not be getting the amount of engagement that you want, and how to fix it.

Same Old Campaign, Different Day

When you run a successful campaign, you always think about how you can make it better. But sometimes you depend too long on your old formula of doing things. Just because something work perfectly once, doesn’t mean you should be hitting the repeat button.

Instead, focus on how you can spice your new campaign up. Perhaps use graphics this time, or some animation. Think about the core of your brand, and how you can refresh copy or visuals to continue to build engagement with your audience.

Your Team Is Lacking Creativity

Some people always have creative, new ideas popping up in their minds during meetings, while other may take the rest of the day to hit a light bulb moment. Maybe you are relying on the wrong people, or perhaps your PR and marketing team doesn’t fully understand your brand. This could be because perhaps you are still getting to know your own brand yourself. That is often the case with new businesses.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, you need to be sure to align your internal communication. Be sure you go over everything because a campaign release with a fine-tooth comb. It may seem tedious at first, but it is quite beneficial. Stay on top of company dialogue and be sure that you are communicating important items to the entire team.

You’re Not Measuring Correctly

What is a successful campaign to you? Generally, the rule of thumb is to get 18% of engagement on a post. Let’s say you put something up on Instagram, and you get 100 views; 16 likes and 2 comments means that so far, your campaign has been successful.

Be sure to have the right expectations for your efforts. Many entrepreneurs tend to put too much emphasis on numbers that are almost impossible. If you have a 1 million followers and only 1,000 interactions, then you have a real problem. But if you have 500 followers and 90 to 100 interactions, then you are growing and engaging correctly. You may need a reality check on your numbers, which is often the case.

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